2020: The Year of the Green Wedding

During this time of year, the foliage starts to change color, and the wind kicks up to help trees shed their leaves. This process helps trees with conserving water and energy during harsh winter weather. This is just one of Mother Nature’s ways of reminding us that change is both natural and necessary. As time moves on, our environment provides us with symbols that represent the need for continued growth for all living things. This means this time of year is the moment when we take on an attitude of “out with the old and in with the new.” At The Cottage Wedding Venue in Gilbert, AZ, it is a chance for us to get excited about the hot new wedding trends for 2020. With a focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability at the forefront, we are on board with making your special day enjoyable for you and your guests, while cherishing planet Earth. Style & Décor: In tandem with the ecologically sound trend, wedding décor is all about organic options. Think garden party. Close your eyes and immerse yourself into a party scene from The Great Gatsby. Plenty of greenery surrounds you while natural mood lighting sets the perfect tone for an intimate, romantic gathering. Your floral choices give off an art deco vibe, while still being tidy yet majestic. You create some flair by re-using your ceremony bouquets as oversized centerpieces. It seems as though the whole living room has been moved outside, so you and your guests can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. In lieu of a photo booth, you create a one of a kind “green” mural that can serve as both a ceremony and reception backdrop for photos. You saunter around in a vintage inspired dress that you may have found at a second hand store. Your bridal party exudes class as they display floral hair weaves and dresses that feature pockets or are trimmed with lace. You surprise your guests with reception entertainment such as a bartender giving mini cocktail or mocktail mixing classes. As you start to wake from this fantasy, you come out of it knowing that 2020 is all about going green while reviving the glitz and the glamour from the 1920’s. Food: Sticking with the environmentally friendly wedding experience, the focus for food is on local, fresh, and straight from the source . . . a farm to table experience. With that in mind, be sure to offer your guests a spread full of clean, healthy menu options. Because many guests may have chosen to leave a smaller footprint on the ecosystem, you will need to cater to guests who may have special dietary restrictions and/or requests, including vegetarian and vegan options. You also want to incorporate bold, colorful food choices to add to your tablescapes. Some brides are opting for grazing stations with “buttoned up” versions of comfort foods they grew up with, rather than going with a traditional buffet. This type of setup provides perfect Instagrammable moments for guests, as well as gets them interacting with one another. Another thing to consider is using edible décor, such as carved fruits, that guests can visually enjoy before digging into. This serves two purposes: 1. You are using décor in a way that will create zero waste 2. Your guests will have garden-fresh fruit to snack on. It is a win-win! Just remember that your menu choices should be simple, fresh, and tasty. They should give your guests a glimpse of who you are, as a couple, as well as create an experience that is comfortable, memorable, and environmentally responsible. Drinks: The trend that has us most excited is the return of the aperitif, which are drinks that are served for the purpose of stimulating the appetite. Since 2020 is leaning towards gin and tonic cocktail menus, we suggest making a Negroni your top choice for an aperitif. The Negroni is a popular Italian cocktail, made of one part gin, one part vermouth rosso, and one part Campari, with an orange peel garnish. This drink is not shaken but stirred and served in an old fashioned glass. If that doesn’t peak your interest, perhaps a selection of your favorite still, dry champagne or light white wine would. Let our staff at The Cottage assist you with choosing an aperitif that compliments your menu choices and pleases your guest’s palates. In terms of a cash or open bar, take the time to create a personalized cocktail or mocktail menu that represents your memories together. These personal touches allow for guests to connect on a deeper level while enjoying the festivities. When thinking of flavor combinations, 2020 is all about the use of exotic flavors, such as dragonfruit or prickly pear. These choices allow guests to experience something innovative, which will reinforce that your party is like none other. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to choose sustainable options for drinkware. Avoid one use plastics by pulling out your family’s crystal or glassware. This will not only add to the eco vibe of your event, it will also provide an added personal touch. Keep in mind that The Cottage can help with providing greener options as well. All in all, 2020 is all about revamping, renewing, and recycling. Trends from a decade ago are being updated to include an environmentally sound twist. What is so great about this movement is that it makes the budget for your wedding more manageable. The bride and groom are encouraged to shop second hand, find dual uses for decorations and floral arrangements, and provide guests with menu options that are fresh and health conscious. Our staff at The Cottage Wedding Venue is prepared to assist you in making your nuptials an experience that is on trend and focused on the environment. Let us help you with planning and executing a “green” wedding that will not only be sustainable for the planet but also in the memories of you and your guests.