3 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Style

After selecting a wedding venue, it’s time to figure out what style or theme you want your wedding to have so you can then choose colors, decorations, and flowers that bring it to life. While choosing a theme can be a fun part of wedding planning, there are several factors to consider when it comes to the style of your big day. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you narrow down your options. 

How to Find the Perfect Theme for Your Wedding

1. Consider the Setting

Look to your wedding venue for inspiration when choosing the color palette for your wedding. Some venues have distinctive color schemes and decorative features that may clash with your preferences, so it’s important to take into account which colors would fit best with your space.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you may include rich greens and earth tones to complement your surroundings or bold colors for an exciting contrast. For an indoor wedding, you’ll likely have some more flexibility, as indoor venues tend to be more versatile for a wide range of decorations and color preferences. 

2. Coordinate with the Season

Different seasons bring different weather, which can affect the backdrop of your wedding day. Match your color scheme to the time of year for a memorable appearance. 

For example, in the summer, light, cool shades of purple, pink, and blue, highlighted with accents of vivid green, will pair beautifully with bright sunshine and the greenery around you. Pastels, peaches, and yellows are ideal for spring, while cinnamon, rusty reds, and rich golds will complement the crisp colors of fall. In the winter, metallic tones like silver, gold, and copper can be matched with white tones and deeper blues or greens for a wintry wedding.

3. Choose What You Like

Ultimately, the theme for your big day should match whatever makes you happy and suits your aesthetic preferences. Look around your home and through closets and wardrobes to find the colors and patterns that are most appealing to you, and consider using them as a basis for your wedding’s theme. Get inspired by your own home’s decor to help you choose decorations and other touches that you’ll be sure to appreciate long after you’ve said “I do.”

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