5 Elements of a Farmhouse Style Wedding

If you want to create a comfortable, laid-back vibe for your wedding, a farmhouse style might be the perfect theme. You can integrate this style into every aspect of your big day, from the wedding venue to the decor. Here are some specific elements to consider as you plan.

What Should Be Included in a Farmhouse Style Wedding?

1. Outdoor Venue

Nature is a huge part of farmhouse decor, so the best way to integrate it is to host your wedding outdoors. Choose a venue that has enough space to set up long picnic tables on the grass. If you’re worried about the weather, choose a space that offers both indoor and outdoor options, especially if the indoor area includes rustic features like natural wood and country views.

2. Rustic Centerpieces

Farmhouse style is all about feeling comfortable and homey, so the decor should look homemade or collected over time. Think vases wrapped in burlap or vintage glassware in various shapes and sizes. Table numbers can also be hand-painted on small wood blocks to give the reception an authentic farmhouse feel.

3. Plenty of Greenery

Flowers offer another opportunity to bring nature into your wedding decor. Include them in your mismatched centerpiece vases and as bouquets for the bridal party. Choose any flowers you like, but include plenty of leaves and greenery in the arrangements to make them seem like they’ve been freshly picked.

4. String Lights

String lights evoke a cozy feeling of hanging out at a backyard cookout. Since you’ll likely be dancing outdoors well into the night, use string lights to illuminate the dance floor and seating area. Simply hang them overhead using wood posts to drape them from side to side to give the evening an intimate, rustic glow.

5. Wooden Accents

Natural wood is a major element of the farmhouse style since it is often found in barns and farmhouses. To ensure your wedding has a rustic feel, you can include it in a number of elements of your decor, from wooden tables to the backdrop to your photo booth. Your wedding venue can also feature wood in its interior or exterior to enhance the farmhouse aesthetic.


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