Backyard Wedding Venue in Gilbert, Arizona

Your wedding should be a representation of your individual personalities as well as your mutual love and vibe as a couple. It showcases you in front of your guests and sets the tone as to what the new chapter of your life starts out as. It all starts with a venue. Location is arguably the most important part of the wedding planning process. It is not only the first thing that will make an impact, but the entire atmosphere will be infused into every aspect of the event. That’s why, couples who love to be outdoors, are moving away from traditional wedding options and choosing backyard weddings with a more comfortable event venue and atmosphere.

You don’t need to fly to an exotic place to have a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day. While the sandy beaches and mountains are nice, the trees and blooming flowers in a garden are just as good. Another advantage of organizing your wedding outdoors is to let Mother Nature take the lead in decorating, which not only simplifies but also greatly beautifies your special event.

If you’re planning a backyard wedding, you may be uncertain about the prospect of keeping your nerves under control on your big day. Backyard weddings can be very intimate and romantic, but they come with a set of challenges and extra details you need to keep in mind as compared to indoor weddings. Professional wedding venues, with their experienced staff and perfected techniques, set the tone for the entire affair to keep the panic at bay. Selecting the right location for your big day depends on your budget and ideas. For a backyard wedding in Gilbert, AZ, hire The Cottage Wedding Venue to plan all the details and execute your vision carefully.

Choose a Reliable Venue for a Stress-free Wedding

As your wedding day approaches, every little issue starts to feel like the end of the world. But, when you choose a proven and trusted wedding venue, you will have every detail and every moment of your big day planned well in advance. You gain a sense of confidence and can relax and enjoy your special day. At The Cottage Wedding Venue, we understand that your wedding day is going to be one of the most significant ceremonies of your life. This understanding is demonstrated by providing you the best services and complete satisfaction. The professionals at The Cottage Wedding Venue have extensive knowledge and experience to handle all the important aspects of your wedding. You won’t have to stress about whether they can pull off everything to make your backyard wedding a dream come true.

Why The Cottage Wedding Venue?

At The Cottage Wedding Venue, we see ourselves as your designer, collaborator, partner, and advisor; helping you with all your wedding needs. Our team is enthusiastic about making your wedding day a memory to cherish. Whether you want a small intimate gathering with your friends and family or a lavish wedding with hundreds of guests, The Cottage Wedding Venue will arrange for everything you could wish for from wedding rentals to the backyard chapel for the ceremony.

For a backyard wedding, you will need a lot of items. The Cottage Wedding Venue will provide you with all the backyard wedding rentals in AZ. These rentals will include all the essential amenities including tables, chairs, tent, glassware, DJ package, dance floor, decorations, bar, lighting, photography, and more.

To provide some private space, comfortable and accommodating bridal suites and groom lounges are also available at the venue. The bridal suite offers a relaxing environment and sufficient lighting for the bride to get ready. Due to the proximity of bridal suite, you won’t have to worry about your makeup and hair getting messed up during travel from one location to another.

Special Considerations for Backyard Weddings

Certainly, you wish for every aspect of your wedding to be perfect, but as we well know, things happen. And, when they do, you find a way to deal with the situation and move forward. You can experience the most amazing outdoors, even under challenging conditions, as long as you are prepared for whatever the climate throws your way.

For AZ backyard weddings, hiring experienced local professionals like The Cottage Wedding venue is the best way to make sure that everything goes on smoothly, no matter how unpredictable the weather is. If you’re planning a backyard wedding in Gilbert AZ, it is greatly significant to select a wedding venue with the capability to make alternative arrangements if it starts raining or worse.

A Wide Range of Packages to Choose from

The cost of a backyard wedding depends on your needs and the event date. You can choose from the packages offered by The Cottage Wedding venue or customize your package according to your specific requirements. Our predefined wedding packages allow potential clients to get an idea of the prices and the services included. Our wedding packages start from as low as $2900 for 50 guests.

In-house caterer

Our in-house caterer Z Catering is an award-winning food catering company that will provide you with excellent food made with premium and freshest products. You can select from an extensive variety of food options available or personalize the menu for your big day, and our culinary team will make sure that the food is a hit with your guests. With highly-personalized services at Z Catering, you can meet the individual needs of your guests, like vegan/vegetarian or sugar-free food options. A private tasting can be arranged for you to help you decide the menu for your big day. The food at your wedding will be the talk of the town for years to come.

The Wedding Cottage venue is your one-stop shop for a backyard wedding in Gilbert AZ to make the most significant day of your life as enjoyable and magical as possible. Schedule a tour today and let us walk you through some of our most common table and seating arrangements. We realize that every wedding has to be unique and special, so please contact us to get a custom quote designed to your needs. Contact us at 480-747-0756 or visit for more information about our services.