Boujee on a Budget 

Thinking of getting hitched in AZ? You can plan a gorgeous event, with all of the bells and whistles, without the worry of an empty bank account or accrued debt. How is this possible? you ask; the solution is to take advantage of summer deals offered at The Cottage in Gilbert. Our venue offers smart savings, especially when booking between June 10th – August 31st. We know how to do a wedding right, and we know how to help you stick to your budget. Guilt free guest list So, we all have heard the phrase that less is more. Granted, you might face the temptation of creating a guest list that matches the length of your latest CVS receipt, but the truth of the matter is that every guest is an expense to you. If you have not thought of this before, the shock of it may not sit too well at first. If this is the case, feel free to take a deep breath, count to ten, and think about it again. Now that you are focused, understand that this is the reality of the situation. Each long lost relative, friend of a friend of a friend, and acquaintance from your church congregation on your guest list is a culprit of an expensive wedding. Instead of feeling guilty that you cannot afford to invite ALL of your followers to join in your special day, think of it as an exclusive affair for those who have been there for you and your partner through the thick and thin of your relationship so far. These guests make your day more meaningful for you, and they will be the ones who fully appreciate the intimacy and romanticism of this type of event. When working on narrowing down your list, start by reducing it by 20%. If you still need to trim it down after that, go down an additional 20%. This will help you go through the process in smaller chunks, which makes it more doable without any feelings of guilt or dread. Summer in AZ = significant savings Living in AZ provides residents many benefits. We don’t have to worry about clearing snow, wearing “real shoes,” or booking costly spray tans prior to our next vacay.  When it comes to wedding planning, the summer is THE best time to showcase AZ’s vibrant scenery, warm weather, and, most importantly, it saves you a lot of money. With The Cottage’s Summer Wedding Special, you can take advantage of a 5 hour package (plus one hour cleanup) for under $8,000 for 65 guests. Yes, you read that price correctly! Of course, this price includes everything with the venue plus the following:
  • 4 hour DJ package
  • Dinner Option 1: Bruschetta Appetizer Bar & Elegant Dinner Buffet with 1 entrée, salad, 1 side, vegetables, and homemade bread
  • Elegant disposables
  • Full service staff
  • White washed farm tables & chairs (with table runner of choice)
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • Bartender & Beverage Service
  • Bridal Suite & Grooms Lounge
  • Officiant
 If you book during the week (Monday – Thursday), you will get a killer deal that starts at *$5,500! A Friday or Sunday wedding starts at just *$6,000, whereas a Saturday wedding starts at *$7,000. *for 65 guests (tax included, subject to a 18% service charge) plus or minus $25 per person. If this summer deal leaves you with more room in your budget, you can always upgrade to our other two dinner options: Dinner Option 2 includes 3 tray passed appetizers, our elegant dinner buffet with 2 entrees, salad, 2 sides, and homemade bread. The china package includes dinner plate, silverware, linen napkin (your choice of color), custom menu card, water glass, and champagne glass for the toast. This option only adds $9 per person. Dinner Option 3 includes 3 tray passed appetizers, an elegant plated dinner (with a choice of 2 entrees or 1 gourmet entrée), salad, 2 sides, and homemade bread. The china package includes dinner plate, salad plate, silverware, linen napkin (your choice of color), custom menu card, water glass, and champagne glass for the toast. This option is an additional $15 per person. Keep your guests comfortable    At The Cottage, we know that a successful wedding is all in the details. Even though this is YOUR day, you want to also make sure that your guests are enjoying the celebration. In order to achieve this during the AZ summer, we suggest providing guests with special touches that will keep them cool, while keeping your aesthetic in mind. Think about providing parasols for guests to use for shade, providing paper fans for guests to create their own breeze, or creating personalized sunglasses for your guests to wear at the event and take home as a keepsake.  Another tip for keeping guests cool during an Arizona summer is getting creative with hydration stations. Think about setting up a drink station prior to the ceremony. In our ballroom, we can serve refreshing water, tea or lemonade to guests or you can provide personalized water bottles to hand out so that your guests stay hydrated at all times. Another idea that also follows wedding trends is serving specialized drinks or frozen treats during appetizer hour or throughout your reception. Imagine champagne popsicles, spiked iced tea, or a gelato bar! Our team at The Cottage can easily incorporate these ideas into your special day, just ask! Final note: Always remember that your wedding day is about the two of you and your marriage. This next step in your relationship will last much longer than this one day of merriment. Though the wedding planning is important, never lose sight of what truly matters. Taking out loans or using your lifelong savings won’t make the marriage last. Only your dedication and commitment to each other will do that. Be confident that it is totally possible to pull off a wedding that is not only budget-friendly but also upscale, stylish, and on trend.