Capture their Heart, Plan the Festivities, & Seal the Deal:
3 Must-Do “Pre-parties”

Congratulations on your new engagement! Before you get involved in setting appointments, obsessing over Pinterest boards, or picking out monogrammed party favors, stop and revel in the moment. Take time to celebrate your new engagement at The Cottage Wedding Venue in Gilbert, AZ. We understand the importance of you and your significant other taking your relationship to the next level. This step in itself is a reason for celebration. So, why not start the party now?

  1. Engagement Party

Some couples have people who want to throw this party for them, while others decide to plan it for themselves. Either way works! If you are taking charge, here are some helpful tips:

First, pick a date that is not too far away. We recommend setting a date within 1-3 months of popping the question. Be intentional about accommodating around the schedules of those who matter most. Then, come up with a list of close family members and friends who have supported both of you and your relationship together. Your guest list should be kept small; it may even be made up of those who you want to ask to participate in your wedding party.

After refining your list, set a realistic budget and stick to it. This event can be casual or elegant, but it really should be centered on enjoying each other’s company. With an established budget and an idea of dates, it is time to select a venue. Consider if you want an outdoor or indoor environment. Do you want a certain theme or vibe? A venue is important when thinking about setting the right atmosphere for your gathering. Also, decide if you want a place that has an in house caterer or the flexibility to bring in your own food. The last thing to consider is types of activities you want to schedule, such as toasts, speeches, music, or party games. No matter what you decide to do, keep you and your partner front and center because this commemoration is all about you!    

  1. Bachelor, Bachelorette or Bachelorx Parties

Traditionally, this pre-party is seen as a last chance to live it up before settling down. For some couples, this may look like brightly-colored, spinning lights, a DJ blasting loud music, and alcohol flowing. For others, it may be more of a quiet evening of pampering, eating delicious food, and relaxing around a fire pit. It is usually organized by members of the wedding party, but it doesn’t have to be. In past generations, these parties were planned as separate events, but more recently, couples have decided to participate in them together. There is no right or wrong way, except when it comes to choosing an appropriate date for the festivities.

It is our recommendation that the host looks at the weekend prior to the main event. Nothing is worse than showing up for your special day with a hangover, unforeseen injury, or foggy brain. After choosing a date, refine your guest list to the people who are going to make the event memorable, special, and meaningful to the couple. Be sure to get input from the couple about their comfort level with planned activities. An open dialogue is crucial so no boundaries are crossed or toes get stepped on. The last thing you want to do is cross wires about expectations and have the get-together result in a flop. 

  1. Rehearsal Dinner

The purpose of a rehearsal dinner is to make sure all of the details of your wedding day are cemented. You want to run through who needs to be there at a certain time, who is going to stand where, and what responsibilities each person has for fulfilling their role in the ceremony and reception. After smoothing everything out, you all sit down and enjoy a meal together.

Traditionally, the groom’s parents were tasked with organizing and funding this event the night before the big day. It used to be a more formal setup with planned toasts, speeches, and several courses. More modern agendas are more intimate, casual, and, sometimes, a bit more untamed. In fact, some couples have turned it into more of a kick-off event. The bottom line is to always do what seems right to you.

Perfect Party Packages:
Take advantage of The Cottage Wedding Venue’s Evening Party Package for any of your pre-party needs. This package is available for celebrations scheduled after 4pm. The price includes the use of our newly expanded ballroom, 1 hour of decoration time, and 3 hours for your affair. From the menu, you get an Elegant Brunch/Lunch Buffet setup. This is served with your choice of 3 entrees and 2 sides, plus homemade bread, mini dessert bar, and drink dispensers filled with cold water and lemonade. Our venue also comes with a full-service staff, including a coordinator, white washed farm tables, white chairs, and table runner (of your choice). This package is available Monday – Sunday. The price starts at $3,140 for 30 guests (minimum). Tax is included in this price and is subject to a 18% service charge. We also have packages for daytime events, as well as a la carte offerings. For details on all of our packages, please visit

At The Cottage, we value being able to assist you with each and every step of your wedding planning or party needs. We want to extend a special invitation to you for attending our weekly Open House. It is held on property on Wednesdays from 4pm-7pm. Come and tour our venue, meet our staff, and give us the opportunity to make your vision a reality. Of course, you can always contact us at or by calling 480-747-0756. At The Cottage Wedding Venue, we want to make any event effortless, cost efficient, and memorable. Contact us today!