Elopement: The Most Romantic Gesture

Welcome to February, otherwise known as the month of romance! According to mythology, this time of year brings about a sweet cherub, named Cupid. Allegedly, he takes flight with his bow and arrow, striking human beings with feelings of love and attraction. If Cupid has already got you feeling love struck, you may be considering an elopement. At The Cottage Wedding Venue, located in Gilbert, AZ, we specialize in arranging matrimonial unions, whether they are big or small. We can customize your occasion to fit your wants, needs and desires. With that said, we are teaming up with Cupid to fulfill all affairs of the heart. What is more romantic than looking into the eyes of that special someone, holding their hand, and sealing your commitment to each other on Valentine’s Day?        
  1. What is an elopement? Is it the same thing as an intimate wedding?
In a conventional sense, an elopement could be defined as two people running away to tie the knot outside the view and/or knowledge of their family members and friends; in fact, the only other people present would usually be the Minister or Justice of the Peace, and one of their staff members to serve as a witness on the marriage certificate. In modern times, an elopement has grown to include an intimate gathering of a few close friends and/or relatives. Yet, in all honesty, it is really up to the couple to decide what version of an elopement works for them.
  1. Why would a couple choose to do an elopement vs. a large wedding?
Of course, there are always pros and cons when weighing out different options for your wedding. There are several explanations for why some couples choose an elopement over a larger affair. One major reason is that couples don’t have to stress about planning so many different details. With traditional ceremonies, most couples need to hire a caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, cake decorator, bartender, DJ or band, as well as send out save the date cards & invitations, choose a bridal party, and plan a rehearsal dinner. This process can be just fine for some but completely overwhelming for others, and guess what? Either choice is ok! There is no right or wrong way; there is only an approach that works best for you and your fiancé. Something else to consider is your budget. Smaller celebrations can be more budget friendly, which some couples choose because they would rather put funds towards a once in a lifetime honeymoon or a down payment on a house. Again, it is up to you to decide what your priorities are when deciding on how to commemorate your upcoming nuptials.
  1. Is there such thing as an elopement package? If so, what does The Cottage offer?
Yes! With the ever evolving trend of elopements including a small group of guests, wedding venues have been offering exclusive packages that are both cost effective and extremely convenient. This flexible option makes it easy to decide how intimate you want to make your wedding day. At The Cottage Wedding Venue in Gilbert, AZ, we are running an Intimate Elopement Package special. It is valid from Friday, February14th, 2020 – Sunday, February 16th, 2020. You can invite up to 40 guests to share in your merriment for a low price of $1,500 (additional guests are $15 each). This package includes the following: 
  • 2 hour block on our beautiful property
  • Minister – with the choice of a simple or customizable script
  • Utilization of white ceremony chairs and altar curtains
  • Use of bridal suite, ballroom, ceremony stage, grooms area, and vintage lights throughout the property
  • 1 tier cutting cake and sparkling cider toast
If an elopement is what you are leaning towards, we encourage you to take advantage of our Valentine’s deal. Be sure to send your request to us at info@thecottageweddings.com. We would love to get you on the books and send out an invoice ASAP. Our staff will get to work on ironing out all of the details to ensure a magical and meaningful elopement for you and your fiancé. At The Cottage Wedding Venue, we love being a part of your story, especially the chapter that leads to your “happily ever after.”