Planning a Magical and Meaningful “Micro Wedding”

Micro Weddings have rushed in as the new, trendy way to celebrate your nuptials with the magic and meaning you have been dreaming of. You may be wondering what a Micro Wedding is. According to, a Micro Wedding is defined as, “ . . . an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale.” Lucky for you, The Cottage Wedding Venue is THE ideal venue for this type of affair. Our property offers everything you would expect from a first-class venue, while really emphasizing the small details cherished during an intimate gathering.

How to Create the Meaning

With every wedding, both couples and guests crave a meaningful and memorable experience. A Micro Wedding can definitely be both. In fact, because of a more intimate gathering, capturing these moments with an excellent photographer and videographer has never been more important. You want to have the ability to share your special occasion with those who are unable to attend. So, invest both time and money into your photographer and videographer; through them, you are coming to your guests when they are unable to come to you. Of course, every photographer and videographer are in need of an amazing backdrop for photos; that is where The Cottage Wedding Venue comes in. We provide an unparalleled backdrop for capturing gorgeous memories that will be treasured forever. In addition, we have a vetted list of preferred vendors, so you can find the best of the best when it comes to photos and videos.

Now, we know that the idea of a Micro Wedding may make you feel restricted, as far as your desired guest list goes. Yet, our staff at The Cottage Wedding Venue also wants to assure you that this is a pertinent choice for keeping everyone happy and healthy. We want to assure you that you can trust The Cottage to go to extraordinary lengths for keeping you and your guests safe and secure on our property. We are carefully following the guidelines and directives from the CDC and food industry experts. We have heightened our protocol on all sanitation efforts and are having ongoing education with our staff on the preventative measures being continuously updated by the CDC. In addition, The Cottage offers in house catering by Z Catering. This means less people and a decreased risk to you and guests. Our high standards of quality transfer seamlessly from a sanitized environment to safe food handling and serving. It is really your best option for a “one stop shop.”

How to Conjure the Magic

The magic of any celebration is created through personalization and making guests feel included in the entire experience. So, think about ways to tailor decorations, drink options, gifts, and activities to represent you, as a couple, as well as each guest in attendance. Many couples are turning to custom masks made with their chosen wedding colors and decorations in mind. Not

only would these masks protect everyone from passing unwanted germs, they can also be viewed also a unified accessory to document our current times and to create coordination in photos and videos. Another idea is to provide guests with personalized hand sanitizers. Get your names and wedding date printed on them, while choosing a specific scent or color to tie in with your theme. This will encourage guests to use safety measures throughout the festivities, while providing gifts to commemorate your treasured day. Both ideas will ensure that you are thinking of your guests well being while also giving them items that will kept as memories.

Of course, the celebration of a wedding is all about the couple, but those attending your event want to feel like they are an active participant, instead of a bystander. With a Micro Wedding, your reception should have the feel of a private, elegant dinner party instead of a massive detached bash. This gives each guest time to not only interact and converse with the couple but also each other. It also leaves room for more hands-on activities, such as playing lawn games and individual song requests, as well as leaving more time for toasts or speeches. Capturing this special moment with the inclusion of your guests will guarantee that it will leave a lasting impression for many years to come.

Petite/Micro Wedding Package:

The Cottage Wedding Venue has the perfect package for your Micro Wedding celebration. This is our 4-hour package. The price includes the use of our whole property, 1 hour of preparation time, and 3 hours for your reception. For food selection, you get an Elegant Dinner Buffet setup and a Cake Package. Dinner is served with your choice of 3 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 2 sides, plus salad and homemade bread. In addition, our included Bar Package allows you to bring your own alcohol, while we provide select sodas, cold water, and lemonade. This package also comes with a minister, white ceremony chairs, Bridal Suite, Grooms Area, cool misters on the back patio, and vintage lights throughout the property. This package is available Sunday – Thursday with a starting price of $2,850 for 30 guests (minimum); this price is subject to tax and a 18% service charge. This package can also be purchased for a Friday for an additional $1,000 or on a Saturday for an additional $2,000. For details on all of the packages The Cottage Wedding Venue offers, please visit

All things considered, if you are looking for an intimate experience that still captures the romance and elegance of a larger celebration, The Cottage Wedding Venue is your best choice. We also hold a weekly Open House, held on our property on Wednesdays from 4pm-7pm, to tour our rustic chic venue, meet our staff, and have all your questions answered. Visit our website at to book your tour. We are also always available via email at or by phone at 480-747-0756. Remember, even a little magic can make memories last for a lifetime.