Sun-kissed Days & Moonlit Nights:
Summer 2022 Wedding Must Haves

It’s summertime! Cue the visions of frolicking barefoot through tall, inviting grass, while holding hands with your partner, and tumbling down together with a carefree giggle and sigh of relief that assures “all is well.” This sunny season ushers in romance, whimsy, relaxation, and summer-induced happiness. It is though the brightness of the sun beckons an awaking of our zest of life and love. So, what time is better for a “perfect union?” Summer weddings are extra special at The Cottage Wedding Venue in Gilbert, AZ. With our indoor-outdoor venue, you get the chance to enjoy the invigorating sunrays and starry skies outside, as well as a cool retreat inside. To make it the ultimate celebration, we have the top 3 “must haves” for both your sun-sational ceremony and reception!
  1. Make Guest Comfort a Priority

With the sun ablaze, especially in the AZ desert, guests HAVE to be comfortable. To accomplish this in a budget-friendly way, use dual purpose items that will be functional, as well as beautiful. For example, you can choose to fold your menu cards in a way that creates a personal fan. This way, guests can glance at their menu options, then proceed to keep themselves comfortable (not to mention they can keep it as a memento of the occasion). Don’t forget to add “cooling stations” outside; these could feature items such as sunglasses, sun hats, or parasols. These items can be monogrammed or gussied up with the date of your nuptials to double as a parting gift guests can use all summer long. For cocktail hour, add a popsicle to your signature drink to double as a swizzle stick and an ice cube. Guests will appreciate a quick reprieve from the heat, as well as enjoy a fun summer treat! 

  1. Maximize Seasonal Summer Fruit

Melon, berries, lemons, limes, peaches, plums, and cherries are all seasonal summer fruits. The best part is that you can incorporate these fruits into aspects of your ceremony and your reception. Consider adding some small fruit trees (maybe kumquats or Meyer lemons) to your ceremony aisle to add some fragrance and color. Add some freshly sliced citrus to your tablescapes and centerpieces to give off a real summer garden vibe. Think about offering frozen watermelon slices on a stick as a palate cleanser or dessert. You could also add frozen fruit to dress up your cocktails or add them as a sweet garnish. Get creative with your place cards by using a lemon, lime, or mandarin orange with a personalized tag that resembles a leaf.

The Cottage Wedding Venue

  1. Make Your Venue Come Alive with Fragrant Florals

Summer weddings live and breathe fun, colorful blooms! You can have fun experimenting with organic varieties or substitute with paper flowers; it is up to you. In season, on trend flowers for summer of 2022 include dahlias, zinnias, protea, clematis, succulents, delphinium, peonies, chamomile, and roses. We suggest using flowers for bouquets, arches, centerpieces, tablescapes, lapels, backdrops, and anywhere you can have a photo op. You can even add some edible herbs and flowers as garnishes for plated entrées or served drinks. Most importantly, have fun mixing and matching. Summer weddings allow you to be bold with your color choices and blend them to make unique patterns and arrangements, so don’t be shy. Also, don’t neglect the greenery; this will create much welcomed contrast and add to the natural drama that florals bring to your decor. In fact, many summer brides are opting to add full vines of greenery to their clutch bouquets for a theatrical touch.  

To conclude, the 3 ideas listed above will make your summer union one that will last forever. The Cottage Wedding Venue in Gilbert, AZ is always available to help you incorporate these must haves into your summer celebration of love. Reach out by calling 480-747-0756 or visiting us on the web ( Better yet, visit us in-person at our next Open House. We hold them every Wednesday from 5:00pm-7:00pm. We can make the most of this season of summer together!