Now THAT’S Entertainment!
Ways to Make Your Wedding Fun

Cue the lights. Now, camera . . . aaannnd action! Typical wedding receptions are known for providing guests with three basics: dinner, dancing, and cake. We think it is time for couples to revise their thinking. Modern couples are choosing to up their game by delivering a multisensory vibe that is not only personal and meaningful but also fire! This 2022 trend in wedding entertainment is exploding all over the country. Its popularity is allowing couples to usher in different art forms that celebrate love, life, and laughter.

So, how are they doing this? Well, by thinking outside the box and choosing the right vendors. At the Cottage Wedding Venue, in Gilbert, AZ, we are always making new connections with local vendors that provide our couples with good value, communication, professionalism, and enthusiasm. With our expertise and guidance on your side, we will give your guests an unforgettable wedding experience that they will be talking about forevermore.

Bring Art to Life

How impressive would it be for guests to watch in awe as a professional artist skillfully captures the moment right before their eyes? Couples are choosing to support local artists who can create lasting mementos for the happy couple and their honored guests. One way they are doing this is by hiring a caricaturist. Guests enjoy sharing the spotlight as their unique facial features are either minimized or exaggerated to create a cartoon version of themselves. It is an encounter that is fun for the artist, the model, and the audience. Plus, it creates a favor for guests to hold on to as a remembrance of the couples’ special day.

Another way couples are incorporating art into their nuptials is by hiring a live painter to capture their love in a masterpiece that can be hung up and treasured for years to come. Just imagine having a front row seat as an artist begins with a blank canvas and throughout the festivities, he or she expertly cinematizes a snapshot of the revelry with each stroke of their brush. Brilliant!

If visual art doesn’t speak to you, consider welcoming in performance artists, such as professional dancers, illusionists, comedians, or fortune tellers. Whatever you decide, let your guests enjoy an artful display while they salute your new life together.

Rock the Night Away

Nothing turns a party up more than the right music and a lit emcee! Traditionally, couples have stuck to hiring a disc jockey to spin their favorite jams on the dance floor. Contemporary couples are adding a twist to this practice by hiring professional musicians to perform for their captive audience. They are opting for a concert of folk music, jazz, swing, opera, Broadway hits, or culturally inspired bands who play instruments with deep roots (such as mariachi). If you go this route, you will probably want to designate a Master of Ceremonies to run the show.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community are embracing their culture by hiring drag queens to transform their receptions into fully fledged, theatrical balls. This option provides couples with a host for the night, as well as a mixture of theatre, comedy, cabaret, and a possible lip sync performance for their guests. It really is a totally immersive escapade!

In 2022, wedding entertainment is synonymous with wedding reception. The staff at The Cottage Wedding Venue is available to help you brainstorm ways to convert your gathering into an unforgettable bash. Attend our next Vendor Night on Wednesday, October 19th. It will be on our property, at 535 S. Gilbert Road, from 5:00pm-7:00pm. On top of touring our property and sampling our in-house caterer’s authentic Italian food, you can network with our preferred vendors. RSVP at or text us at 480-747-0756. Let’s get the party in full swing!