3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Summer weddings may get a lot of attention, but winter weddings can be equally special. With the right planning, decor, andwedding venue, your big day can be even more unique and memorable during the snowy months. If you want to have your wedding during winter, here are some aspects to consider to make sure it’s a success. 

A Guide to Planning a Winter Wedding

1. Choose the Perfect Date

The end of the year tends to be especially busy for families due to holiday events and obligations. If you want a wedding date during the holiday season, ask close family members and friends about their plans to ensure there are no major conflicts. If you want a larger event, send out save the date cards early to get on their calendars before they fill up. However, you may consider choosing a date after the busy holiday season instead to ensure more people are able to attend.

2. Decorate Your Wedding Venue

A winter color palette often includes white, silver, and blue to simulate snow and ice. To achieve this design, consider white roses or lilies, silver vases or beads in the centerpieces, and blue streamers or fabric around the head table. Uplighting with a cool or blue tone may also enhance the winter theme.

Alternatively, for winter weddings that are hosted during the holiday season, you may prefer a color scheme that includes red or green. For example, red roses or evergreen accents against stark white tables can create a festive space. 

3. Plan for the Weather

Winter weddings generally need to be held indoors to ensure everyone stays comfortable. Look for a venue that is at least partially enclosed and includes heating elements for any outdoor spaces. Ideally, choose one that can host both your ceremony and reception to limit the need for everyone to drive between venues. Additionally, a venue with some outdoor space can allow you to take beautiful winter photos without traveling too far. Finally, you’ll want to find a space with a central location and easy parking, so your guests can arrive safely. 

Your attire should also account for winter temperatures. For example, if you don’t want a long-sleeved gown or bridesmaid dresses, you can add coats or wraps for the wedding party to wear while taking outdoor photos. 


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