Authenticity Over Tradition: 2022/2023 Wedding Season

The theme that is sweeping through the wedding industry is “change is necessary, and it is good.” Since so many couples were forced to delay, cancel, or completely shake up their wedding plans, due to the recent pandemic, everyone involved in the process was forced to embrace the madness. As a result, a new attitude of breaking traditional rules and allowing couples to go rogue has emerged. The Cottage Wedding Venue, in Gilbert, AZ, wants to share a few tips that will help you make your nuptials completely and truly unique to you, as a couple.

1. Mix Up Your Bridal Party

When it comes to inviting friends and family members to be part of your wedding squad, more couples are beating to their own drum rather than following the traditional wedding march. Some are opting for mixed-gender titles, such as bridesmates, man of honor, groomswomen, etc., to represent a microcosm of their friendship groups at the altar. 

The Cottage Wedding Venue

Other couples are playing with alternatives for customary ring bearers and flower girls. The industry is seeing grandmothers, pets, and even drones, scattering petals on the aisle runner or delivering the coveted wedding bands during the ceremony. So, don’t be afraid of bending the rules and making your “I Do Crew” whatever feels right for YOUR celebration!

2. Play with Color, Patterns & Texture

When we say to let your true colors shine through, we are being literal. This wedding season encourages experimentation of color, patterns, and texture. Gone are the days of uniform, matching bridesmaid dresses in drab colors or fabrics. Give authority to your bridal party to show their individualism by choosing their own attire. Feel free to set some boundaries or guidelines, as far as a color scheme or specified theme, but allow for some creativity and flexibility. All you need is a common thread (color, pattern, or even an accessory) to bring all of the outfits together. Think of their attire as going together, instead of matching perfectly. Dare to do the same with your décor. Have fun pairing various types of ribbon, fabric, or lace with complementary (or contrasting) flowers/greenery to create an unorthodox look for centerpieces.

3. Geek Out with New Technology

Ever since the pandemic interrupted in-person celebrations, technology has infiltrated the wedding industry. Couples are tapping into their inner geek by inviting cutting edge technology into their revelry. They are building wedding websites, social media presence, and having QR codes printed on invitations to make access to the RSVP process, menu selections, and gift registries a snap. They are even trying out wearable technology, such as heart rate monitors or GoPro type video cameras, to be inventive in capturing every single moment. Even vendors are getting in on the fun! Some bakers and boutique retailers are trying out 3D printers to use for cake decorations or party favors. There are even rumors of robot officiated ceremonies being in the works for those ready to make bold, futuristic statements.

All in all, the main drive is that wedding celebrations are to be as authentic and memorable as possible. The Cottage Wedding Venue, in Gilbert, AZ, is totally on board with this notion! With the unveiling of our newly remodeled Bridal Suite, ballroom, and patio, we are not only staying on trend, but we are also doing everything we can to make your experience on our property second to none. Let’s get planning! Visit us on the web ( or call/text us at 480-747-0756 today.